Is It Unspiritual to be Ambitious? The TRUTH About Ambition.


So many of us, myself included, feel embarrassed for having big dreams.

We feel uncomfortable talking about our goals

We pretend we don’t have big ambitions.

All because we bought into the world’s message that too much ambition is bad. Which it can be IF we use it as an excuse to treat people badly.

But what if there was something deeper, more meaningful, hidden within your ambition?

What if your ambition, the deepest desire of your heart, was given to you as the highest expression of your purpose?

What if honoring your ambition, being of service to something greater than yourself, was the most spiritual thing you could do?

Would you still be embarrassed about it if you knew your ambition was a gift, a precious gift, given to you by your Creator to share with the world?

The privilege of our life is to honor our ambition, 

To fulfill our part in the dance of the Universe, 

Assigned to us when the Universe was born.

Which means we have a Divine obligation to honor our ambition.

No one else has to accept, or even understand our ambition.

But we have a sacred responsibility to manifest and share our ambition.

Because that’s why it was given to us.

Resilience: The ESSENTIAL ingredient to a happy life

Resilience, Strength, Personal Growth

Our capacity to be resilient, our capacity to endure struggle and failure and heartbreak, determines the quality of our lives.

None of us can create lives we love, none of us can truly live, without experiencing challenges in life.

Every single one of us will endure periods of difficulty and despair- be it in love, work, school, family, health, relationships, spiritual growth. As much as we would love all of these to flow easily and effortlessly, the reality is they will not.

So I think creating a life we love depends, in a large part, on our ability to navigate the setbacks and struggles of our lives.

The good news is we seem to be hardwired for resilience. 

Watch the video below to learn more.

Still don’t believe me? 

Then look at your own life.

You’ve already gone through something like this. 

You’ve already endured heartbreak, setbacks and challenges in your life. If you don’t think you’re resilient enough, or strong enough, or good enough, remind yourself of what you’ve already been through and how you found your way out of it. 

So no matter what you’re going through, never forget that you will get through this because you’ve already done it.

You’ve already demonstrated resilience. And you can cultivate that inherent seed of resilience to blossom and thrive in life. 

There are many ways to cultivate  resilience, and I’ll definitely be talking about those, but for right now I just want to remind you that you’re strong enough to make it through. And whatever it is you’re going through will make you stronger and will help you be even better prepared to handle what’s coming in your life. 

Because our setbacks and struggles come with gifts that we just don’t get anywhere else- an  unshakable strength, a deeper level of clarity, and a fierce conviction in our values. 

Even if it feels overwhelming right now, be compassionate with yourself, and remember that you can make it through this. Because resilience  is your birthright.

A Step by Step Process to Discover Your True Purpose

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a background sense of uneasiness in my life.

It’s an unnamable frustration that came from knowing I wasn’t doing all I could with my life. 

Regardless of changes I’ve made in my career, friends, relationship and even location there was always this infuriating restlessness that told me I had more to do with my life… more to be.

If you’ve ever felt like this, you’re not alone.

More people than ever are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. 

So much so that it’s actually being researched. 

One of the findings of the research  (link here) shows that a lack of purpose can be detrimental to our health. And people who report having a sense of purpose in life are shown to have lower risks of mortality and heart disease.

A sense of purpose is clearly very important to living a good life.

It makes sense that so many of us are searching for it.

If you’re someone like me who’s still full of questions about your purpose in life I may have something that can help.

It’s a framework I happened upon during one of my many internet adventures. It helped me find some answers to the frustration and uncertainty in my life.

It’s a Japanese concept called Ikigai.


Ikigai roughly translates into “reason for being.

When I went through this process for myself, I realized that it provided the perfect blend of our spiritual longings with the practical realties of the world. 

It was through this framework that I realized my purpose. My reason for being is to use my talents and strengths to serve the expression of feminine power.  

My Ikigai is to provide tools, insights and resources for women to grow and thrive. It’s rooted in my belief that the insights, experiences and talents of women and girls are essential to creating a thriving future. 

If you’d like more help to get clarity on your purpose (including prompts and examples) then download your free guide below.

But it’s important to acknowledge  that this isn’t some quick and easy solution to all our problems. It requires time and introspection.

You don’t have to force yourself to answer all the questions now. Just having an awareness of the right questions can help us to be open to insights and ideas that would probably otherwise not come into our life. 

My Ikigai, my purpose, has become the north star of my life guiding me through the ups and downs of every day life. 

It doesn’t guarantee a perfect life (nothing does). But, it does help orient us towards creating a life in alignment with our reason for being. 

Four Steps to Your True Purpose

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