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The Negative Voice in Your Mind

That negative voice in your mind It’s not yours. It’s other people’s opinion of you. It’s the voices that you trusted When you weren’t in your power. That negative voice

Is It Unspiritual to be Ambitious? The TRUTH About Ambition.

So many of us, myself included, feel embarrassed for having big dreams. We feel uncomfortable talking about our goals We pretend we don’t have big ambitions. All because we bought
the secret, the law of attraction

The Problem with The Secret (and The Law of Attraction)

The reason the Secret was so popular, the reason it was right is because it teaches us that our lives will only change when we recognize our personal power. But

Boundaries Are Essential For Happy Relationships

We’ve all had people in our life who treat us badly. They’re rude to us, they talk down to us, they can be really aggressive or manipulative. They might even
flow, peace, mindfulness

The Magic Of Surrender

Goals are important. Mindset is important. Motivation is important. But there’s something missing from all of these, something we don’t really talk about in the personal development space, something that’s

The Most Important Advice I’d Give to My Younger Self (or Anyone)

A lot of people say we shouldn’t look back in life, that we’re wasting time if we do. While we definitely don’t want to live in our past, there’s so
Resilience, Strength, Personal Growth

Resilience: The ESSENTIAL ingredient to a happy life

Our capacity to be resilient, our capacity to endure struggle and failure and heartbreak, determines the quality of our lives. None of us can create lives we love, none of
productivity, the progress principle

Stop Waiting For Your Big Break! Use the Progress Principle Instead

“Is this it? Is this all that there is to life? There has to be more.” These are the thoughts that would drift into my mind as my head hit

How to Tune Out Negativity

#triggerwarning “I hope you get raped again.”  That was one of the messages I received after speaking publicly about being raped. A year before that message would’ve broken me.  I

The Most Important Thing To Remember About Playing Small In Your Life

Picture this: You wake up excited to get out of bed… Excited to get to your work, your family, your friends… excited to get on your yoga mat, excited to