The Most Important Thing To Remember About Playing Small In Your Life

Picture this: You wake up excited to get out of bed… Excited to get to your work, your family, your friends… excited to get on your yoga mat, excited to
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Self-Care Tip: Spend Time in Nature

Stressed, irritable  and burnt out. That’s how I felt those last few days. Not even my usual yoga and meditation practice could do much to improve my mood. I also

How to Stop an Anxiety Attack- A One Minute Technique

It was a regular evening. I was sitting in a taxi on my way to an appointment.  The phone in my hand lit up with a new message. Everything slowed

From Pain to Beauty: Lessons from a Make-up Artist

Growing up I was often reminded that I wasn’t the idea of smart and/or beautiful. I was criticized and compared constantly about my appearance. I cried a lot and blamed
Alia_ The Magic of Possibility

The Magic of Possibility

Possibility (noun): a chance that something might exist, happen or be true.  I am lucky to have been given a glimpse of what life could look like when you open

The Number One Question I Get Asked as a Meditation Teacher

“Why is it SO hard to meditate?” We all know we should meditate.  Everyone from Oprah to Jay Shetty to Google execs to Wall Street Investors talk about their meditation